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Discover "The Brighton Beach Bible" Through Our Videos

Art and Storytelling Collide

Delve into the vibrant world of "The Brighton Beach Bible" with our engaging video collection. Witness a stunning fusion of art, painting, and comics & sequential art come to life in these captivating videos. Each frame showcases the artistic prowess that breathes life into this unique visual autobiography.

A Canvas of Jewish Culture and History

Explore the depths of Jewish culture and history through our videos. The Brighton Beach Bible intertwines biblical criticism and exegesis with a personal narrative set against the backdrop of Brighton Beach and Coney Island. These videos offer a unique glimpse into Jewish history and the essence of autobiography.

Spiritual Themes Reimagined

Our video gallery presents a modern interpretation of religion & spirituality and the Bible. Experience how these timeless themes are artistically reimagined, providing a fresh perspective on familiar narratives.

Digital Exploration

For digital readers, our videos also highlight the Kindle Store and eBooks version of "The Brighton Beach Bible," demonstrating the book's adaptation for a digital audience.

Live in Brighton (Voiceover)
Live in Brighton, with Joel
The Art of the Brighton Beach Bible
The Heart of The Brighton Beach Bible