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The Brighton Beach Bible shreds those coordinates where an impulsive intuition bursts against the inherited obligations of illustrating religious text. Read more

To paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut, Joel Silverstein has become unstuck in time"and in art and in high culture and in pop Read more

Joel Silverstein"s teeming visual tapestry weaves the personal into the mythic, mixing liturgy, legend and lore into sequential narratives that Read more

In The Brighton Beach Bible, effervescent colors, biblical themes of mythic proportion, the entire canon of Art History, whimsical Read more

Joel Silverstein"s paintings are a revelation. Fittingly for a "Bible," there are brilliant visual exegesis aplenty in these works. But Read more

We were all at Mount Sinai" is a tenet of Jewish tradition. In "The Brighten Beach Bible" the prophets Read more

I was totally blown away by Silverstein's images and the kinds of knowledge he pours into them. The works here Read more

Joel Silverstein's paintings for The Brighton Beach Bible are singular and extraordinary. From the stunning "Nile Colossi" to "Crossing Read more

Silverstein"s Brighton Beach Bible is tour-de-force of fluid visual creativity and encyclopedic knowledge of Jewish sacred texts, comic book classics, Read more

This extraordinarily original art book represents a wild personal ride through Biblical narratives, offered up as a kind of Read more